If you find issues or would like to see a feature suppored, head over to the issues section: and report it.

To contribute code in any form, fork the github repository: and clone it locally. Create a new branch for your feature:

git commit -b feature/whatever-you-like

Add proper docstrings to any changed or added code.

Then make sure all the tests past (and write new ones for any new features).

To run the tests:

docker-compose up -d db redis
docker-compose run tests

Compile the documentation and check if it looks right:

docker-compose run tests make docs-html
open docs/build/index.html

Then push the finished feature to github and open a pull request form the branch.

New Release

To create a new release:

  1. Add changes to docs/source/changelog.rst, using Releases formatting
  2. Change version in
  3. Change version in docs/source/
  4. python sdist upload
  5. python bdist_wheel
  6. git tag x.x.x
  7. Push git tag and commit
  8. Add release to github tag, with changes and releasion name.